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Diversity &

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Recruiting & Attracting

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Tailored Solutions. Just For You.

With expertise spanning decades, we specialize in crafting customized strategies to meet your unique needs. With HR On The Move, you'll enjoy the benefits of:

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Utilizing us for either small or large scale projects

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Opting between on-site or online services,
or a combination of both

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Supplementing your HR department
or replacing it altogether

Discover how HR On The Move can create a solution customized specifically for you.


Dr. Chip Roper
President, RKE Partners

Our whole team loves working with Jeanne and the team at HR on the Move. They are our go-to source for the HR expertise and solutions that we require to build a thriving organization.
We deeply appreciate the combination of timely responses, sound advice, and simple/implementable solutions.  Jeanne's sense of humor is, of course, a bonus!

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Ben Valentine

Senior Pastor, Trinity Church
Greenwich, CT

HR on the Move has been a trusted partner of Trinity Church for a number of years. Jeanne has been uniquely helpful to our team because she understands not only HR best practices but has also taken the time to see how they apply to the church and ministry context. We've never gotten generic solutions from her, and she's always sought to customize answers to our needs and mission. She is timely, thoughtful in her approach, and pursues integrity in all she does.

Annette Cutino
Chief Operating Officer, Avail NYC

Jeanne Stewart, of HR on the Move, is an exceptional Fractional Human Resource Director who brings unmatched dedication to our organization. With vast experience and unwavering commitment, Jeanne prioritizes the well-being of our team and fosters a thriving organizational culture. Her deep care for individuals shines through in every interaction, creating an environment of trust, respect, and inclusivity. Jeanne is more than a Fractional HR Consultant; she's a vital team member. As I often tell leaders seeking HR services, every organization needs a "Jeanne Stewart".

HR On The Move has been trusted by a diverse number of clients across America

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