HR OnTheMove specializes in the following:


  • Employee relations
  • Handbooks
  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Workplace investigations
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching
  • Affirmative action
  • Management training
  • Full employee lifecycle
  • Attracting & recruiting
  • On-boarding
  • Retention
  • Graceful exiting

HR OnTheMove (HRoM) is a consortium of business and management consultants with 40+ years of experience. HRoM has worked in a wide array of industries and can tackle small or large scale projects. Services can be provided on-site, through the web or a combination of both. Some organizations utilize HRoM to supplement an existing human resource department, while others replace their formal human resource departments entirely. Both short term projects or long term management is available.

What to expect 

  • Please call, use our contact form or email Jeanne to schedule a phone conference.
  • You will have a brief call with Jeanne to determine if HRoM is a good fit for your project.
  • A follow up appointment with all stakeholders will be scheduled to assess your organization’s background and project needs.
  • During this formal meeting, HRoM will provide an overall strategy and explain how past clients have benefitted from similar services.
  • If your organization is in agreement with the direction, HRoM will provide a written contract of services, timeline for execution & terms of payment.
  • Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, HRoM will request documentation needed for implementation.
  • During the project, weekly updates will be provided to your organization’s stakeholders.
  • A final meeting will be conducted to answer any questions and to explain the project deliverables.